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Should you take notes after an accident?  Definitely.
Taking notes after an accident may not be the first thing on your mind. However, it may be one of the most important things you do aside from getting the appropriate medical care and contacting a reputable attorney. 
While the memories are still fresh and you can quietly observe, we recommend that you take notes about what happened.  These notes can become a critical part of your legal case and may serve as evidence for your claim.
Grab your smartphone or a pen, and jot down the following data points.

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After suffering an accident due to the negligence of an individual or a company, you will need to select an experienced and reputable personal injury attorney for your case.  Once you’ve selected your attorney, the most important way you can support your case is to be completely upfront and honest with your attorney.

When you trust your attorney and provide all related information, your attorney can properly prepare your case. 

When you are not completely truthful about your case, if you fail to divulge all relevant details, or if you omit small details, you can destroy your own case.  Dishonesty with your attorney can...

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May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  The joy of the open road while riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating feeling and one that many enjoy during springtime.  However, motorcyclists must be cautious and use solid judgment when riding.  The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) recently reported that more than 80% of all reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death.  In fact, in 2017 the NHTSA reported there were 5,172 motorcyclists that died in crashes that year.

Unlike enclosed vehicles, motorcycles have no...

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From the 2011 launch of the first ridesharing service in San Francisco, ridesharing services were hailed as a solution to several of our urban transportation maladies:  individual mobility in crowded cities, impaired driving and DUIs, and transportation in underserved neighborhoods.  Uber and Lyft have led the way to increasing mobility in crowded cities and underserved neighborhoods, as well as providing more transportation options so inebriated passengers aren’t tempted to get behind the wheel.

But recent data points that show an increasing number of ridesharing accidents (due in part to the sheer quantity of ridesharing drivers...

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As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, millions of families begin travel preparations to visit friends and family across the country.  In fact, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is considered the busiest travel days of the year in the United States.  Over 4 million people will fly, another 1.5 million will travel by train, bus, or ship, and nearly 50 million Americans will hit the road.   
The increase in traffic on the roadways combined with potential bad weather in the northern half of the country results in a higher probability of traffic accidents.  Statistics show that there is an even higher risk of...
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There are many types of auto accidents, and most can lead to irreversible injuries or death. Learn how to handle common motor vehicle crash situations in this SlideShare: 

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, please contact our attorneys in Boca Raton today at ...

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How to Prepare Your Car for Vacation & Avoid Accidents | Fla.Labor Day Weekend is so close you can probably already see yourself relaxing on the beach or having fun with family and friends. Many Americans travel by car or truck on big holiday weekends. In fact, Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July and Labor Day Weekend are some of the most deadly days to be driving on city streets and interstates. A four-year study from 2011 to 2015 by the National Highway...

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Keep Your Head Up While You Drive: Stop Distracted DrivingIt’s great that your Smartphone can use multiple apps at once such as making sure you get to your destination on time, notifying you of upcoming events and streaming that cute video with puppies, but you’re not as good at multitasking. Smartphones are readily accessible now, and many drivers think they can successfully navigate the road while talking on the phone or texting, but the human brain is not capable...

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The Most Common Reasons a Motorcycle is Hit by a Car | FLAuto accidents involving motorcycles often cause death or lifelong disability due to permanent damage to the brain, back, neck or spinal cord. These crashes are caused by a variety of factors, but there are ways you can avoid deadly motorcycle accidents such as wearing a helmet and driving defensively. Our attorneys in Boca Raton have extensive experience with these types of...

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How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents | Boca Raton, Palm BeachTens of thousands of pedestrians are injured and several thousand are killed in auto accidents each year in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (NHTSA) Traffic Safety Facts, many of these accidents involve adults over the age of 65 and children under 15, accounting for approximately 27 percent of fatalities...

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