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On a daily basis, each one of us ventures onto another's property with the assumption that we will be safe while we're there. Whether you're on private property or it's owned by a business, the owner of that property has a responsibility to maintain a certain level of safety on their grounds. If you are injured due to the a lack of safety at someone's property, you may have legal recourse to file a lawsuit against them for damages.

A simple slip-and-fall accident can be the cause of horrible injuries that could have a drastic effect on your livelihood. Our South Florida injury attorneys at ECanter Lawyers can help you determine if you can file a lawsuit for damages. We have the experience to help get you the maximum award or settlement. Call us today at 561-447-4500.

Premises Liability Hazards

There are multiple types of accidents that fall under premises liability law. They can be due to any of the following:

When a person or business allows another person on their property, they are assuming the liability for that person's well-being. This means that anytime a surface is uneven or slippery, but isn't marked with warning signs, your injuries can be the fault of the property owner. It also means that falling objects, even a tree, are the responsibility of the owner. Also, allowing a person to enter your swimming pool or to jump on your trampoline means that the property owner is assuming responsibility for the safety of that person.

Our Boca Raton Premises Liability Attorney

At ECanter Lawyers, our attorney, Eric G. Canter, has helped countless members of our South Florida community with their premises liability lawsuits. Premises liability injuries can cause horrible pain, discomfort, and endless medical bills. We understand that you and your family need a remedy and you need it quickly, that's why ECanter Lawyers works with you from the beginning of your case to the end, ensuring that you're as involved as possible so we achieve a desirous end. We will fight to get you the maximum settlement or award possible for your injuries.

Also, we operate on a contingency-fee basis meaning that we don't collect a fee upfront. We cover all expenses incurred during the lawsuit and you only reimburse us for these and pay us our fee if we win you an award or settlement. Contact us today for a free case review and to see if we can help you. Please fill out the form on this page or call us at 561-447-4500.