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Taking a cruise is supposed to be a fun, relaxing, and wonderful experience for you and your family. You expect that you will be safe and secure while aboard and while enjoying off-ship excursions. Unfortunately, there have been a multitude of cases where a patron of a cruise ship has been injured or assaulted.

At ECanter Lawyers, our attorney has decades of experience helping members of our South Florida community seek damages after suffering aboard a cruise ship. If you've been injured, become ill, or were assaulted while aboard a cruise, please contact our injury attorney today by calling 561-447-4500.

South Florida Cruise Ship Accident AttorneyCruise Ship Hazards

Due to its massive size and the thousands of people aboard the vessel, a cruise ship is almost like a floating city. Just like a typical city, there may be people that don't follow the law and are willing to commit crimes. Additionally, cruise ships typically hire their employees from third-world countries and do not necessarily train or educate them properly. With low pay, long hours, and a lack of training, the staff of cruise ships are often prone to commit crimes or assaults as well.

Here are some cruise ship incidents that you could file a lawsuit against:

  • Cruise ship crash or malfunction -- oftentimes, cruise ships experience engine malfunctions that can leave them unable to navigate the vast, dangerous ocean. This can leave a ship stranded and waiting for rescue. Ships may be at the risk of pirate attack, horrible storms, and lack of air conditioning and food refrigeration.
  • Cruise ship accidents -- cruise lines have a responsibility to ensure that you and your family are safe. Therefore, any tripping or slipping hazards need to be properly marked. Food needs to be properly cared for and refrigerated, your state room needs to be secure, and any off-ship excursions need to be safe.
  • Cruise ship assault -- women and children may be the prey of sexual predators and need to exercise extreme caution when alone, in dancing clubs, or in "children only" areas of the ship to avoid such predators.
  •  Cruise ship illness -- due to the close quarters aboard a cruise ship, illnesses and viruses may spread very quickly. Poor food storage may lead to a viral stomach outbreak that can affect hundreds aboard the ship.

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When your vacation turns for the worst and you're in need of help, please contact our Boynton Beach attorney. When filing a cruise ship lawsuit, oftentimes, the lawsuit must be filed in the state where the ship made port. There may also be statutes of limitation that apply to cruise ship assault, injury, or rape.

Whether you suffered a sprained ankle because of a slip and fall accident or suffered something far more serious, you have rights against the cruise line. Please contact ECanter Lawyers today so we can get you the compensation and coverage you deserve. You can request a free consultation by filling out the form on this page or calling 561-447-4500.