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Have you ever purchased a new product only to find out it was defective when you tried to use it? 

The most common defects are found in vehicles, household appliances, cleaning products, industrial equipment, medical devices, children’s products, and food. 

Product defects can be categorized in three ways:  design, manufacturing, and marketing.

Design Defects

Design defects are caused by an error in the actual design of a product.  It could mean that the manufacturer ignored the flaw in the design and development process of the prototype or actual product, or it could...

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 Vaping, also known as “Juuling” when using the popular JUUL brand of e-cigarettes, has quickly become a popular activity among middle school and high school students.   

Appealing e-cigarette flavors including chocolate, sweet desserts and fruit combined with multimedia advertising has generated interest among teens across the country.  In fact, over 4.9 million middle and high school age kids used e-cigarettes in 2018.[1] 

Although initially e-cigarettes were purportedly less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes, physicians and scientists are...

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As the holiday season approaches and children get excited over the newest action figures, games, and electronics, we need to keep in mind that safety comes first for our children.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report of “Toy-Related Deaths and Injuries Calendar Year 2017”, over 250,000 children in 2017 were treated in Emergency Rooms across the country due to toy-related injuries. [1] 

Toy-related injuries have been a problem in our country, but over the last several years, the United States Consumer Product Safety...

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