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COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, has caused illness among thousands, palpable uncertainty, drastic economic problems and sweeping societal changes.  The last few weeks have taken our country down an unprecedented path as we painfully discover how to confront, endure, and recover from a pandemic. 

It is critical that employers take a focused, logical approach before taking pandemic-related measures to ensure the health and safety of their employees, especially during this crisis.

The U.S. Department of Labor together with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or...

It is devastating to find out that your loved one has been hurt while living in a nursing home.  Determining the circumstances and activities that led to the injuries can be complex, but helping your loved one obtain the right medical care and justice is paramount. 

Nursing homes are required to provide safe, clean environments for their residents. All residents must be treated with respect and dignity.  And while many elder care residences comply with these requirements, not all do.  And not all employees provide the proper medical and adequate supervision required for their residents. 

Unfortunately, elder abuse is not...


From the 2011 launch of the first ridesharing service in San Francisco, ridesharing services were hailed as a solution to several of our urban transportation maladies:  individual mobility in crowded cities, impaired driving and DUIs, and transportation in underserved neighborhoods.  Uber and Lyft have led the way to increasing mobility in crowded cities and underserved neighborhoods, as well as providing more transportation options so inebriated passengers aren’t tempted to get behind the wheel.

But recent data points that show an increasing number of ridesharing accidents (due in part to the sheer quantity of ridesharing drivers...

The medical spa (also known as med spa or medi-spa) market has been thriving with growing demand and strong margins.  The strong market potential has attracted the attention of healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs.
But unlike spas that offer massages and other treatments, med spas also provide medical services, and therefore are under more scrutiny.  There have been several publicized court cases in the country associated with ownership, staff, and operations of med spas.   Med spa laws and regulations differ by state, so it is crucial to clearly understand the legalities before getting involved in a med...

With plenty of sun and warm weather, cycling has gained popularity in South Florida, especially in bicycle-friendly communities with dedicated bike lanes.  Cycling groups frequently flood the bike lanes weekdays and weekends in the early morning and late afternoon, ensuring riders an exhilarating cardiovascular workout.

Cyclists in South Florida need to be extra careful on the roadways, watch road signs, and follow traffic patterns.

In 2015, there were over 1,000 cyclist deaths and nearly 467,000 bicycle-related injuries in the United States.[1]  Out of all 50...

 Vaping, also known as “Juuling” when using the popular JUUL brand of e-cigarettes, has quickly become a popular activity among middle school and high school students.   

Appealing e-cigarette flavors including chocolate, sweet desserts and fruit combined with multimedia advertising has generated interest among teens across the country.  In fact, over 4.9 million middle and high school age kids used e-cigarettes in 2018.[1] 

Although initially e-cigarettes were purportedly less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes, physicians and scientists are...


With a dynamic healthcare market and an increasing number of consolidations of practices, selling a medical practice may be a valid option for you and/or your business partners.  However, selling a medical practice can be complex and includes several important legal and financial matters.  If you are contemplating selling your medical practice, there are a few key items you’ll want to understand before you move forward. 

Planning for a Potential Sale

  1. Planning in advance is key.  You will need to obtain an objective third-party appraisal...

As the holiday season approaches and children get excited over the newest action figures, games, and electronics, we need to keep in mind that safety comes first for our children.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report of “Toy-Related Deaths and Injuries Calendar Year 2017”, over 250,000 children in 2017 were treated in Emergency Rooms across the country due to toy-related injuries. [1] 

Toy-related injuries have been a problem in our country, but over the last several years, the United States Consumer Product Safety...

Celebrating the holidays is an important part of the month of December for many Americans.  Whether you are frying latkes for Chanukah, placing ornaments on a tree, or lighting a Kinara for Kwanzaa, you and your family are creating special memories together.

But have you considered the potential hazards associated with putting up holiday lights around the house, climbing ladders, and lighting candles?

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that each year over 12,000 people visit the emergency room for holiday decorating-related injuries including falls, strains, lacerations, and burns....

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, millions of families begin travel preparations to visit friends and family across the country.  In fact, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is considered the busiest travel days of the year in the United States.  Over 4 million people will fly, another 1.5 million will travel by train, bus, or ship, and nearly 50 million Americans will hit the road.   
The increase in traffic on the roadways combined with potential bad weather in the northern half of the country results in a higher probability of traffic accidents.  Statistics show that there is an even higher risk of...