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When you're on the job, your employer has a responsibility to protect you from injury or illness. If you become injured or ill due to your workplace's environment, there are multiple requirements that must be met for you to get compensation from your employer. If your employer tries not to cover your ailments per workers' compensation laws, then you need an experienced attorney fighting on your side.

At ECanter Lawyers, our Palm Beach County attorney has the experience you need for your workers' compensation lawsuit. For almost two decades, Eric Canter has been helping employees who were injured or became ill at work pursue the coverage they need. If you are in need of assistance with your workman's compensation lawsuit, please call ECanter Lawyers at 561-447-4500.

What Is Workers' Compensation?

According to Florida law, most companies are required to have workman's compensation coverage for their employees. It is dependent on the type of business and the quantity of employees, but most companies should offer you coverage.

If you are hurt or become ill on the job, workers' compensation is a program set up to pay for your medical bills and lost earnings. Typically, you are required to visit a physician that is approved by your employer. If you do not report your injury or illness right away, your employer may deny you coverage. There are even companies that will require you to resign after paying your claim. All of these confusing tactics are why you need to hire a workman's compensation attorney to help you with your case.

Workers' Compensation Attorneys That Help You

Because there are so many laws surrounding workers' compensation, it can be very difficult to navigate these types of cases. That's why hiring an experienced attorney like Mr. Canter is of the utmost importance. There may times that your employer will even try to convince you to hold off from reporting your injury in order to avoid paying your claim.

Mr. Canter can help you properly report your claim and ensure that your employer doesn't deny you coverage. He can utilize his vast grasp of workman's compensation laws and combine that with his decades of experience to help you get coverage.

Whether you're suffering from a slip-and-fall that caused an injury or possibly were exposed to hazardous chemicals at work, you need proper medical care. Our Boca Raton attorney will help you get what you need. We work on a contingency-fee basis, so you only pay if we win you a settlement or award. We proudly serve clients in the South Florida area and are here to get you what you deserve. Contact ECanter Lawyers today by filling out the form on this page or calling us at 561-447-4500.