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Burn injury claims in Boca Raton, FloridaBurns commonly arise in work injury claims. Electricians, construction workers and other technical workers are at a high risk of burn injuries, but any profession is vulnerable to it. So who are you supposed to turn to when a burn injury makes it impossible to go to work and pay for your medical bills?


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Home fires are a cause of serious personal injury, severe burns and death every year. If you celebrate Christmas, you and your family may purchase live trees for the holiday. You may have also heard about fire risks posed by Christmas trees. Fortunately there are steps you can take to prevent a tree fire from arising.

One in 31 fires ignited with a Christmas...

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Home fires are a significant source of severe personal injury and death each year. Burns can be catastrophic and life-altering, and you should do everything you can to prevent you and your family from suffering this serious type of injury. The following safety tips apply year-round, but you may find some of them are relevant in Florida only during the winter:

Kitchen Safety

Kitchen fires are a major source of...

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