Negligent Security Accidents

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Property owners and their management companies have a responsibility to their visitors to make reasonable efforts to keep their premises safe. There are many types of accidents that come under premises liability law, including slips and falls due to a slippery or uneven surface, and making sure any construction site accidents are prevented by taking reasonable precautions.

Property owners also have a responsibility to prevent any foreseeable criminal acts by keeping their premises secure using technology or a security company. Poor lighting or lax security that allows an assault to happen is just as dangerous as a wet or slippery floor.

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What Constitutes Negligent Security?

There are many conditions that make a place the optimal location for predatory criminals. Property owners and management have a basic duty to prevent these conditions from becoming the perfect environment for crime. Failure to meet this standard can constitute a violation of premises liability and can arise from many factors including:

  • Inadequate lighting or access: Visitors may be injured by falls or assaulted while walking in an unlit passageway.
  • Poorly trained security personnel: Security guards who fail to perform their duties due to negligence or lack of training or experience.
  • Failure to secure property entry or boundaries: Side doors or gates left open and unlocked, allowing entry that exposes guests to unexpected assaults.
  • Lack of security cameras or alarm systems: Security systems that are not maintained or monitored resulting in assault or theft in vulnerable areas.

In each of these situations, there is a foreseeable risk that is not properly managed by the responsible party. These crimes are preventable if property owners take their duties seriously and take the necessary steps.

Consequences of Inadequate Security on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships represent a special situation when it comes to premises liability. As a guest on a cruise ship, you cannot simply remove yourself from a potentially dangerous situation, so the operators have a special responsibility to make sure the ship is safe.

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All cruise lines need to provide sufficient and well-trained security on their ships. Security personnel should have all the tools they need to detect any problems before they become serious, and staffing should be adequate to cover the entire ship. Without adequate security onboard, passengers are at risk of assault, drowning, sexual assault or theft.

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