Failure to Diagnose

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When a medical problem arises, you and your family put your trust in the hands of the medical professionals. You trust that they will give you the very best care to the best of their ability and knowledge. But when things go wrong and you've either been misdiagnosed or there was a failure to diagnose your medical problem, know that you have ECanter Lawyers on your side.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in helping people that have suffered from such medical negligence. We can help you and your family get justice, and to choose the best option for your case in order to get the compensation you deserve. Call us at 561-447-4500 for help with your case.

What Does 'Failure to Diagnose' Mean?

Many medical malpractice lawsuits are the result of a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. This means that a doctor made an error in diagnosing a medical condition, illness or injury. But when a doctor's error leads to the wrong treatment, delayed treatment or no treatment whatsoever it can cause a patient's condition to worsen, potentially leading to death. In order to move forward with a medical malpractice lawsuit, a patient must prove at least these three things before their case will be considered:

  • A doctor-patient relationship was established
  • The doctor was negligent
  • The doctor's negligence caused injury to the patient

However, the law doesn't hold doctors legally responsible for all diagnostic errors. Knowledgeable and masterful doctors can and do make errors even when implementing appropriate patient care. The key to proving negligence is to find out if the doctor acted competently or not. To do this, a patient must also prove that a doctor in a similar specialty, under similar circumstances, would not have misdiagnosed the patient's ailment. Some causes of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis include:

  • Faulty lab equipment
  • Human error
  • High-pressure time constraints

In the process of proving negligence, there must also be proof of actual injury to the patient as a direct result of the doctor's error. There are numerous ways that medical professionals can make diagnostic mistakes that may lead to making the patient's condition worse including:

  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Missed diagnosis
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Failure to recognize complications


Why Work With ECanter Lawyers

Unfortunately, doctors do make mistakes and, sometimes, these mistakes can lead to a tragic death. In this case, our wrongful death attorney can help get you and your family financial restitution for your loss.

Whatever you or your family may be suffering from due to a doctor's failure to diagnose, our attorneys at ECanter Lawyers can help you understand your rights, and work toward getting you rightful compensation. We will be your greatest advocates and work to get you back on your feet, physically, emotionally, and financially. Contact us today for a free case review by filling out the form on this page or by calling 561-447-4500. We proudly serve clients in Boca Raton and all of the South Florida areas.