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Summer is a time to be outdoors, but it can also involve dangers that can sometimes be avoided.  South Florida weather and summertime storms can be just as much of a contributing factor in slip and fall accidents as in the winter. For instance, brief but powerful summer thunderstorms can hit quickly and create hazards at entrances, lobbies, aisles and stairways of stores, restaurants, office buildings and other commercial and public places.  During summer, small children and older seniors are even more likely to slip and fall when they enter into a store during a...

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If you've fallen in a store, you may believe that there is nothing that can be done. In this video, our attorney explains that you may have grounds for a lawsuit if the store did something wrong and didn't give you significant warning that there was a hazard on the floor.

For help with any type of slip-and-fall case, please contact our attorney, Eric Canter today. He has decades of experience seeking compensation for those that have been injured because of...

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What happens when you slip and fall and are injured? Boca Raton residents are subject to Florida’s legal system. The first question is – Where did you slip and fall? At work, home, public or commercially owned property?

Take These Steps Immediately

The first thing you should do is obvious – take care of your injuries. Head to a hospital if you need immediately assistant. If your injuries are minor, head to your doctor. Make sure your treating physicians document everything. When you leave the hospital, take home every document and piece of paper that you receive. As soon as you arrive home,...

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