Train Accidents

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There is never anything more terrifying than being unable to control what happens to you and your family and with a train accident, you have a very limited amount of control. A train accident can be one of the most tragic accidents because of the sheer size and speed of a train.

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Injuries from a Train Accident

If you've been involved in a train accident, the injuries you sustained could be life-altering. Injuries can be as simple as fractures and minor scrapes, but can be as bad as a debilitating brain injury. Injuries can also include the following:

A train accident can involve hundreds of people and can involve multiple parties. A lawsuit may simply be against the operator of the train, but can also involve the manufacturer of the train, those that maintain the track, those that loaded the train, and even the cities that were supposed to maintain the train signals and crossings. Because of how difficult a train accident case can be, it is necessary to seek the help of our experienced injury lawyers.

Railroad Crossing Accidents

A train track can also be the source of horrible accidents for pedestrians too. Oftentimes, this is due to a faulty train signal or a gate malfunctioning. It can also occur when pedestrians are crossing the tracks or even walking near them. Accidents can also happen when a train isn't even involved as injuries can occur on and around the tracks.

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