What are Your Rights as an Airline Passenger and Airplane Crash Victim?

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Spring is here and many people are starting to make summer vacation plans. If you fly, you should know your rights before you pay for your tickets.

Research Your Airline

We recommend that you do a bit of research on the airline/s that you plan on flying with. If you are flying one of the major American airlines, it should be easy. If you are planning overseas flights, do your homework and read up before you buy tickets.

Look them up on Google and Google News. What are the latest news articles about the airline? If the news articles are about their stock price and not about bad news, that’s a good thing. Add smart words to your Google search – “American Airlines reviews”, “American Airlines safety record” will get you right to the key information that you need. In most cases, what you read will put your mind at ease – but you’re better off doing this before you fly!

Research Your Ticket

The type of ticket you buy will determine a lot of your rights in the case of a cancellation – or worse. When you shop on the internet, take a deep breath before you purchase and read the fine print. What are your cancellation rights? A lot of cheap tickets are inexpensive because there are almost no cancellation rights.

In Case of an Accident

An airline accident can be caused by a wide variety of factors including pilot error, and undetected mechanical problems. Another cause could be not from the plane itself or even the pilot, but from the errors of the air traffic controllers on the ground. A negligence action may be possible if the defendant airline did not act reasonably and that negligence caused the injury.

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