Be Prepared for Auto Accidents with These Tips

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Be Prepared for Auto Accidents with These Tips | Boca RatonSeptember is National Preparedness Month, and our lawyers would like to remind you of the importance of planning for natural disasters, auto accidents and other causes of personal injuries. It’s easy to think these situations will never happen to you and your loved ones, but recent tragedies have made everyone more aware of how quickly damages can be done. Hundreds of thousands of auto accidents occur each year, and many cause catastrophic injuries or death.

There are several ways you can be prepared in the event of a car accident, including:

  1. Have a pre-written list of necessary questions and information: Auto accidents, especially those involving serious injuries, can cause panic, and you may forget to ask for everything you need from the other driver. You can even have a list with blank spaces for the driver to write his or her information as well. You will need the name, phone number, license plate, insurance information, driver’s license number, among others.
  2. Review your insurance coverage: Many drivers think they’re sufficiently covered in the event of an accident, but too often injured drivers are left paying for their medical expenses. Make sure you have bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and uninsured-underinsured motorist coverage. Knowing what your auto insurance will pay for can help put your mind at ease when you’re dealing with the aftermath of a crash.
  3. Remember to write down details and take photographs: This can be part of your pre-written checklist. You’ll need to take pictures of the damage, approach any witnesses, and write down every detail of the accident.

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