What Is Pain And Suffering?

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Pain and suffering compensation in a FL injury claimIn personal injury cases, compensation is sometimes awarded for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering may be physical, emotional or mental in nature:

  • Depression, anxiety and mental anguish
  • Fear and trauma
  • Diminished enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain caused by the injury
  • Inability to return to work because of depression, anxiety and/or pain
  • Cost of going to a therapist to treat psychological effects of the injury
  • Psychological effects of being unable to enjoy the same activities you did prior to the injury

Pain and suffering compensation may be awarded not only for what you are experiencing immediately, but also how you will be affected in the future.

This type of compensation is often very important to the victim of catastrophic injury. When someone is injured in an accident or other traumatic event, it can be life-altering. Injuries go deeper than what is visible to people from the outside. Your mental and emotional health can be severely impacted. If you have been injured in this way, you deserve maximum compensation so that you can attempt to rebuild your life by accessing the care and resources you need.

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