Is Stacked or Unstacked Insurance Right for You?

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Is Stacked or Unstacked Insurance Right for You? | Boca RatonUninsured or underinsured motorist coverage is an important part of your car insurance plan. This coverage makes sure your vehicle damage and injuries are taken care of in the event of an auto accident with someone (who is at fault for the crash) who doesn’t carry insurance for bodily injury. Uninsured motorist coverage comes in two forms: stacked and unstacked. At Canter Law South Florida Injury Lawyers, we recommend all drivers choose stacked insurance.

What is Stacked Auto Insurance?

Stacked auto insurance allows you to “stack” the coverage you have on multiple vehicles to ensure you’re fully covered after a car crash. Let’s say you drive two cars, and each one is insured for $50,000. If your injuries and property expenses exceed $50,000, you can use the additional $50,000 from your other car, giving you a total coverage of $100,000.

What if You Only Own and Drive One Car?

You can still stack your insurance plan if you only have one car in Florida. This kind of stacked auto insurance makes sure you’re covered when you ride your bike, cross the street as a pedestrian or drive someone else’s vehicle. Your insurance agent may not share all of your options with you, so make sure to ask about stacked insurance when you meet with them.

Stacked insurance can be a lifesaver and prevent you from going into a large amount of debt simply because you’re hit by an underinsured or uninsured driver. However, one drawback of stacked insurance is that your premium will likely be higher because you’re paying for additional protection.

When is Unstacked Insurance Recommended?

Our lawyer in Boca Raton recommends all drivers choose stacked insurance, but if you’re concerned about the cost of your monthly premium, unstacked may give you a lower rate. However, this lower rate could come at a higher cost if you find yourself with substantial injuries after a car accident with someone who doesn’t carry bodily insurance.

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