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People ask me all the time what my most important piece of advice that I have for clients. It’s simple. Listen to your lawyer!

Not Your Best Moment

I can’t tell you how many times my colleagues and I have seen clients harm their interests by not listening to their lawyer. I understand – people come to us during the most challenging moments. You’ve been injured, you’re about to go through a rough divorce, someone or some organization has harmed you or your business interests, or you are facing criminal charges. The client meets with us, retains us, we give counsel based on our years of training and experience, and then the client doesn’t follow the advice.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Look at it this way – you are paying your hard earned money to your attorney. For a civil case where you pay only if you win, (otherwise known as a contingency fee case), you are nonetheless not getting the benefit of the representation, and are only hurting yourself, if you choose not follow the advice of your counsel. Get your money’s worth and listen to your lawyer.

When you buy a TV or smartphone, you are hopefully using it carefully. Do the same with your legal team.

Common Mistakes Clients Make

One of the most common mistakes that clients make is talking too much. In injury cases, many times clients find themselves talking to the insurance company of the driver that caused the accident. For example, many times I hear, “Someone called from the other guy’s insurance company and kept asking me questions.” The easiest thing to do is to tell Mr. Insurance Adjuster to call your attorney – that’s the smart way to keep out of trouble.

Beware of Social Media

And then there is social media. I can write a book on the things I’ve seen in the past 10 years with social media. “Have you heard of the guy who was suing for damages and posted Facebook photos showing him skiing and having a good time?”

Emotional Decisions Made at the Worst Time

If you are involved in any legal proceedings, stay away from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What they don’t know won’t hurt you – and what you post can hurt you bigtime. Another common mistake is making an emotional decision. Many times, the worst decisions are made spur of the moment. Think it over clearly and calmly and then decide.

Truth is, most clients do listen to me and to their lawyers – and it helps in all aspects of representation.

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