5 Reasons to Report a Boat Accident in Florida

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5 Reasons to Report a Boat Accident in Florida | Boca RatonFourth of July is just a few days away, and many Florida residents and tourists will likely be enjoying the holiday on the water. It’s always important to practice water safety such as wearing a lifejacket and having a basic first aid kit available on deck, but this weekend is especially vital because of the fireworks and alcohol often associated with the Fourth of July. There are tens of thousands of boats registered in Florida, and with that high number comes a bigger risk of boat accidents.

Whether you own a boat or are renting one, there are many reasons you need to report a boat accident as soon as possible, including:

  1. The boat or water vessel involved in the incident suffered significant damage worth more than $2,000.
  2. The boat or water vessel sank or was a total loss.
  3. Someone was severely injured in the crash.
  4. Someone was killed in the wreck.
  5. Someone disappeared in the accident.

The reasons listed above are the main reasons you legally need to report a boat accident in the state of Florida. However, even accidents that involve minor injuries should be reported because you may experience worsening symptoms in the weeks or months following the crash.

Like with auto accidents, you should gather the insurance information from the other boat drivers as well as the names and phone numbers for everyone involved. This will immensely help when it comes time to file your boat accident claim and recover compensation for the physical and financial damages.

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